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5 small meal ideas for weight loss?

S1234 Asked: 5 small meal ideas for weight loss?

I've been exercising and cutting down my intake of food for a couple of months now, and have lost some weight, but I seemed to have stopped losing the weight.

I eat 3 times a day, but want to increase my metabolism by eating 5 times a day, which will also stop me from getting 'hungry spells'

I have porridge for breakfast, but from then on I'm stuck. Any ideas?


Jack Answered:
Since you have your diet in-check, the only thing you can do from here on out is to do some cardio/exercise.

The body hits plateaus so you have to mix it up to keep it guessing so it doesn't get used to what you are doing.

Trying looking at different kinds of exercise workouts.

Myranda Answered:
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Britt Answered:
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