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52 Weight Loss Missions Scam Or Worth ?

52 weight loss

52 weight loss Missions

The Only Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

Who It’s For

  • People who’ve tried oh, maybe 137 diets and exercise programs before, but have always lost motivation
  • People who know the basics, but have trouble putting them into action
  • People who find weight loss difficult, and want smarter, easier, more strategic ways to get results
  • People who lack systems to translate good intentions into everyday habits

Why It’s Different

Extreme Action

The whole program is geared around getting you to do what you need to, in order to succeed.
There’s no fluff, no longwinded explanations.
Just what you need to know, and empowerment to do it.

Extreme Mindset

The program draws from psychology, life coaching and happiness research
and gives you the tools to win the mental battles.
And let’s face it – the mind is where the weight-loss war is won or lost.

Extreme Accountability

You have to check in after completing every mission – whether you’ve done it perfectly or not at all.
This keeps you focused and stops you falling off the wagon. It’s all wagon!

Extreme Support

Badges, areas to share ideas, challenges and successes,
and a Facebook support page provide ongoing community and motivation.
You’re never alone. In the good way. :-)

Weight Loss & How It Works

The program consists of 52 action-based missions.

Each ‘mission’ gives you the information, guidance and motivation you need to take action on a task
or project that will help you lose weight.

But they aren’t just any old actions. The program focuses on actions that are smart and strategic –
they help you change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right get easier.

The missions cover dietexercise and mindset and offer hundreds of practical ideas & strategies.

And there are rewards for taking action!

What You Get

  • 52 Weight Loss Missions 200-page e-Book
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions Website – 12 months’ access to private areas of website
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions mp3 Audio-book (Coming Soon)
  • Badges and rewards for completing missions


  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Action Tracker
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Workbook
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Log
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Diet & Exercise Diary
  • 52 Weight Loss Missions interactive Weekly Menu Template
  • Exclusive 20% off coupon to use in the Get Organized Wizard Store.


  • Complete the program using the website or downloadable materials or a combination of both – the choice is yours
  • The downloadable materials have interactive features that you can use on your Mac, PC, iPad or tablet – type, edit, search, save, highlight and more
  • Everything is printable for hard copy reading and writing if you prefer
  • Everything is instantly available – no waiting, no environmentally unfriendly planes or trucks, no time for your motivation to wear off!

Don’t Miss Out – Secure Your Early Access

52 Weight Loss Missions launches in December 2011.

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