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A & P Electronic Media – Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann

You have found the home of some of the most RARE and POWERFUL content available anywhere in the world offline or online – please have a look around.

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Also, we have an energy technology products line that includes the world’s most powerful Tesla technology battery chargers from EnergenX and the industry standard fluid conditioning technology by Magnetizer.

Lessons in Advanced Perception – ""If you have no thought, emotion, effort, pain or confusion stored in your own body, then any thought, emotion, effort, pain, or confusion of which you are aware is someone else’s."

Revealed – closely guarded manuscripts from the 1960′s shows how to develop superhuman mind powers.

Battery Secrets – "I’ve been building chargers and charging batterys with them for 11 years and thought I have a good handle on the charging process. Peter’s lecture opened my eyes…" – Mike K.

Learn why virtually all battery chargers on the market are actually designed to KILL your batteries and what the chargers actually do need to do in order to give them longer life!

Magnet Secrets – "WOW…Awesome Information… Super Valuable… Surprised this stuff is not Banned… Thanks for the Excellent Product and Super Price…." – Todd T.

Many companies make claims about their magnetic products, but this is the only manual that gives you all of the documentation on the one, single method actually proven to work.

This method is used by all of the following organizations, government departments and companies:

* US Treasury * US Air Force * Panasonic * Walt Disney World * Hilton Hotels * too many to list…

Real Rain Making – "I have been successfully making rain and breaking droughts for decades. Now you can see, with your own eyes, how it is done!" – Trevor James Constable

Absolutely, one-of-a-kind documentation on the 40 year development of a successful rainmaking process. Package includes over 250 pages of photographs and information in two books and over two hours of live footage of rain making processes in three WMV downloads. Package includes a great deal of previously unreleased material and four bonus features.

Classic Energy Videos – "These videos from the 1980′s highlight a handful of researchers who are greatly responsible for laying the firm, scientific foundation for the "free energy" movement of today." – Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

Main package includes 5 films, representing almost 8 hours of information on paradigm shattering physics and electrical demonstrations. Major presentations by Bruce DePalma, John Bedini, Eric Dollard, and Peter Lindemann. Package includes 8 more bonus features including Bob Teal, Adam Trombly, Jim Murray, Chris Carson, and Parmahamsa Tewari.

#1 Home Energy Savings Manual! We were the first to publish a legitimate book on how to save money on home energy bills, using these methods.

Several other "authors" have copied our information and have tried unsuccessfully to repackage it. Unfortunately, Clickbank is loaded with SCAM PRODUCTS in this genre that tell people they can install a solar system for $200 or build a magnetic power plant to run their home. We show you how to make the biggest savings on your utility bills for the smallest investment, using products available today.

Ignition Secrets – Still Wasting Time With CDI’s, Peaking Caps And Magic Spark Plugs? Learn The Method I Invented That Has Been Called The Single Most Elegant Method In Automotive History And I’m Telling All!

How to Build a Jet Engine – How To Build A Jet Engine With A Turbocharger Along With Some Efficiency Modifications Nobody Else Is Showing, Which Are Designed By The Inventor Of The World’s Most Efficient Heat Exchanger…