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Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer

Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer

31LPWka6IOL. SL160  Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer Rating: 2stars Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer
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Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer - Product Description

Most riders will never need to understand the fluid mechanics of shear stress, magnetic eddy currents or Lens'z Law, and how these things affect a trainer's performance. But it's through a thorough understanding of these details (and a bunch of others) that Blackburn was able to develop some of the best indoor trainers on the market for 2010. We sarted off by creating our own trainer R&D center complete with a battery of proprietary testing equipment. And then , we tested - some 15 trainers in total - benchmarking everything from frame rack and spread stiffness to thermal decay at 40 mph. We took that data and went back to the drawing board. The result: the Tech Fluid and Tech Mag 6 trainers. All-new adjustable height frames that set a new benchmark for stiffness and stability. Fluid and magnetic resistance units with carefully scuplted, smooth and progressive power curves to meet the needs of weekend warriors and world class atheletes alike. Even the mounting hardware was redesigned for faster, easier use. So while you'll never need to know how optimized flywheel weight affects resistance and rollout quality, once you turn the pedals on a Tech Series, you'll be glad we do.

Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer - Details

  • Advanced fluid resistance with benchmarked and highly refined power curve
  • Boxed and formed steel frame with adjustable height - no track block required
  • FastCrank mounting system
  • Class-leading frame stiffness and unsurpassed stability
  • Lifetime Warranty

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