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Britney Spears Diet

Britney Spears Diet

Article by Chuck S White

So Britney Spears is in the news yet again. The pop princess who shaved her head, did two stints in rehab for substance abuse and who eventually needed her daddy to bail her out of the mess she’d made of her life (isn’t she lucky she has a dad who was able to do that?) is trying to set herself back on course and to relaunch her career. A large part of that of course has to do with what some are now calling the Britney Spears Diet.

First of all, she says she eats exactly no sugar. Zero, zilch, nada. Britney tells us that she doesn’t even eat any fruits or fruit juices because those contain sugar as well. Instead, she eats chicken and salmon and rice (I guess she’s not aware that rice is a carbohydrate that turns into sugar inside the body, but still, you can’t blame the girl for wanting to have something to eat). She also informs us that she eats avocados, evidently unaware that avocados are also fruits and do contain sugar, albeit lower amounts of the stuff than most fruits (it’s kind of like a tomato, which is also technically a fruit, but which people tend to think of as a vegetable since it’s usually eaten as part of a salad). In fact, what Britney is really on is what many would call a starvation diet. She is eating just 1,200 calories a day, but she says that it is not really a problem and she feels full.

In place of heading out to Starbucks for a sugar and fat laden Frappucino, she now makes do with a simple cup of coffee and some equal (if she makes it at home, she can at least save a few bucks also, not that she needs to.).

According to reports in the media, Britney’s meals are actually highly regulated and include six small meals a day rather than the more traditional 3 meals a day. This is actually something most nutritionists will tell their clients – don’t try to pack all your calories into the three meals that are traditional; try to spread it out a little. The idea is that if you have a little each time, your body will burn more of it for fuel rather than storing it as fat, which happens once your body has enough fuel to move on. So, is this a diet you should try? Well the Britney Spears diet may not be everyone since it is highly regimented, but hey, it seems to be working for her, maybe if you have the discipline and the money you could try it also.

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