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Britney Spears Syndrome

Britney Spears Syndrome

Article by Wayne Coleman

Britney Spears Syndrome – Family

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Do you have the Britney Spears Syndrome? How often have you or you heard some one defend their actions by saying, “she has no idea of what pressure I am facing.” Or maybe you heard, she made me do it. You most likely heard the comment, “I never get angry, I just get even.” The family is a place so often bombarded with anger. Unresolved anger can take a hold of a person until it grows like a cancer. Often people hate their work, and feel anger throughout their day, and many times bring that anger home. Anger shows it head in the form of short tempers, sarcasm and moodiness. Todays’ home is filled not with peace from the outside world, but a place were we let our anger out.

Divorce is a growing problem in our society. It is now accepted fact that most couples will remarry a second and third time. Ok you say we know all of this, but what do we do about all the conflict in the home? I just get so fed up with whom I am, and handling everyone else problems when I can not even handle my own. If this sound like you, then this article has a few suggestions to help you cope in todays’ family. But before we go there there is one more question I want you to ask yourself. How do you feel about yourself? Some one has said, the problem is that people thinks too highly of themselves. However, I would like to suggest it is the opposite. We need to love ourself. Often we have unresolved anger. We just does not like who we are, what we look like and what we feel we are capable of doing. We often look at others and say, if I only looked like that, or if I only had that job, that ability, if I could sing, play a musical instrument and on and on.

The first point is take a good look at yourself, and be realistic. The fact remains most of us are not going to be a model, or a doctor, or own a yacht, and if we keep on looking at others and feel we were cheated we will never find comfort in life. Take a good look at those who have beauty, money and fame, and many of them are unhappy. What about Britney Spears is she happy? She has money, looks and fame and yet many people like her are not contented in life. To us we may say I just do not understand that, if I had what she had, things would be different. Let me tell you friend, looks, money and fame does not bring contentment. Contentment comes within. You need to ask yourself do I have Britney Spears Syndrome? That does not mean that you can not improve things in your life. It does not mean that you should not strive or have a drive. You should have need to improve on things in your life and you need to strive and have a drive, but only after you examined realistically of who you are. May a list of the things you like about yourself, and if you can not get a close friend or mate to help you. Then make a list of things you need to or want to improve.

2. After facing who you are and what you are love about yourself and what you going to improve you need to confess your anger. The giant step in overcoming anger is loving yourself and then facing your anger. The minute we try to justify it, explain it, or blame someone you have lost control of who you are.

3. Forgive. Stop blaming your parents, stop blame your employer. Forgive yourself and forgive others. When you have anger you are actually giving that person power over you.

4. Be thankful. So often it take a close encounter with death or some other experience for us to have a wake up call. We need to be thankful for those around us. Thankful for who we are and thankful for what is in our lives. Being thankful gives us the power and drive to achieve. Now ask yourself do you have the Britney Spears Syndrome
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Studies in family dynamics, B.A.,, M.Div

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Wayne Coleman

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Studies in family dynamics, B.A.,, M.Div

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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