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can deydration curb wieght loss?

katie g Asked: can deydration curb wieght loss?

I have been on a weight loss journey for something like 8 months. In the beginning I lost 20 pounds pretty easy. However I have another 20 t0 g0. since about Feb. I have not been able to lose another pound. I have been yo-yoing up and down about five pounds.

I have tried changing things up….taking a multivitamin. every protien drink i could find. so much!!!!
the latest i have decided is that i dont drink enough water….yesterday i had the shakes and felt very dehydrated. could this be my answer?
any suggestions?
I really want to lose this last twenty and feel good about my self again.
FYI i am a mom of three boys 8 5 and 3 plus i babysit in the summer for two more boys.8 and 2


jim Answered:
It could be. Drink water before, during and after exercise. Increase exercise & weight training. Remember, muscle burns fat.
I've found that many of the protein drinks have too much carbs/sugar. Increase protein and reduce carbs/sugars in your diet.

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