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Can I be thin with a large body frame size?

xxLittleMermaidxx Asked: Can I be thin with a large body frame size?

I always had a large body frame size and I wasn't familiar with it until now that I am in middle school. I've always wanted to be thin because my mom and sister are but I'm like a freaking giant. Is it possible that with a diet and exercise, I can be thin enough to be a model or at least look thin? If so, what kind of diet and exercise would you recommend for a vegetarian with asthma?

I also am looking for some inspiration so, are there any large framed celebrities that are thin? Even models! Please help and thanks!


Johnny Answered:
No you can not you ugly fat cow

Ammi Answered:
read about it here
open the first and fifth brown link
there for detail info

manny Answered:
Of course you can. Body frame doesn't matter when it comes to losing fat and/or muscle off the body. Body frame has to do with bone structure and nothing more. You can be thin if you really want to. I don't know of any celebrities with a large body frame, i'm sure there are plenty of them but I don't really pay attention to that. But I could send you some pictures of people who are very thin and have a large/medium body frame if you want. Just message me if you would like me to give you some examples.

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