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Can jiu jitsu get me in shape?

Brett Asked: Can jiu jitsu get me in shape?

I'm a 33year old male, 6' around 210-215lbs so overweight a bit, and I'm thinking of taking a martial arts class mainly to get in shape and for self defense. The one I'm going to is traditional jiu jitsu, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and jeet kune do, learning real life situation self defense so I'm told. It is twice a week 1 hour at a time, I've been to a class and it seems like alot of fun and I seem to get an energy boost after. My question is doing this twice week will I start tone tone up? abs, six pack, arms how long will it take? Will the fat burn off quickly? Or do I need to do something else? And I also play pickup hockey once a week for an hour. Anyone with opinions or personal experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.


David Answered:
Yes, it is a great martial art to get in shape and also very effective for self defense.

Mr Edinburgh Answered:
That is a good way to lose weight and meet new people, but you should look at what you are eating to lose weight exercise and a clean diet will help you lose weight.

PopeJewish Answered:
It's not as good as just straight running, or some other, more cardio-based, workouts, but it'll definitely tone you up and get you in shape over the course of a few months. Jiu-jiutsu is a great muscle builder, and is a load of fun. Don't go into any martial art thinking about "real life situational defense" as most martial arts are terrible in the real world. Jiu-jitsu for instance, is very focused on taking a guy to the ground, which gives his buddy a perfect opportunity to come up and kick you in the face. I used to take a variety of martial arts from a former Special Forces trainer, and his best advice was just to never get into a fight cause it's almost never, ever worth it, and even if you win you're likely going to get sued.

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