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Chwing & Spitting? Please help?

Brianna Asked: Chwing & Spitting? Please help?

Me and my friend are trying to lose weight by eating the healthy low fat food, and then with the junk food were just gonna chew it and then spit it out…Will this help us lose weight?


BrownEyes Answered:
No genius,

Eat fruits, vegetables and exercise.

Sara Answered:
It's all about moderation. Chewing and spitting out your food is a complete waste of food and money, and you have a high chance of relapsing on these foods once you reach your "goal weight". I would treat yourself to a piece of junk food once a week, and the rest of the week/day eat vegetables, protein, fruits, and minimal starches.

The Future US Marine Answered:
There was this one boxer who would chew meat for its protein and nutriants and spit it out I guess you could go the same you should still be eating if you are not eating enough you wont lose weight healthly that is

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