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Cooking in Your College Dorm Room Made Easy

Almost a year ago, I started college. I was so excited to leave home, be on my own, and make new friends! I was all moved in, started the meal plan, and everything was going to be great…

…until about 3 weeks later. I realized I had eaten just about everything my campus and surrounding town had to offer. And hey, my college had some pretty good food. But, there’s just a limit to how much pizza, hamburgers, and Subway sandwiches you can eat.

I soon grew tired of the cafeteria. The food was unappetizing and looked like it had been cooked at least 4 hours before. I started to recognize that every campus restaurant was the same. The sight of vending machines and EasyMac made me feel sick. Also, I had eaten enough McDonalds and Taco Bell to last me a lifetime.

On top of being sick of the food, I started feeling pudgy and I was tired, and I had been exercising!

I craved a home-cooked meal, or at least something that looked like one. But there was no way I could drive 5 hours whenever for my mom’s cooking!

I whined and complained to my mom that there was never anything good to eat. Mom, in a nice motherly way, said, “Shut up and start cooking in your dorm room!” The only problem was….I needed recipes that I could cook with very limited appliances, space, and budget. My mom, who is a fantastic cook, came to the rescue and sent me several recipes!

The first recipe my mom sent me was for a Slow Cooker Pot Roast. (Pg #106) It was absolutely delicious, so simple to make and it made my dorm room smell like home! From the leftovers of the pot roast, my mom walked me through how to make her mouth-watering beef stew (Pg#108) that was so rich and thick and wonderful. The smell was so good, that I think half the kids in my dorm were knocking on my door for a taste. So, I got my mom to send me another recipe, and another, and another. My roommates and friends were soon stopping by room to see what was for dinner.

At Christmas, I didn’t know what to get all of my friends, so I decided to make everyone White Trash (Pg. #158) which is a delicious blend of….well, you will just have to buy the cookbook to find out what this is. But let me tell you, it will rock your world!

It was a huge hit! And, I had to keep making more. I’m not sure how many batches that I ended up making – I lost count!

On Valentine’s Day, I made the easiest Chocolate Mousse for my boyfriend (Pg #184). I think he fell in love….well, at least with the mousse!

I felt a little like Julia Childs and made everything from Beef Stroganoff to Chicken and Dumplings.

I was the envy of the dorm. I started eating better, had lots more energy and looked great (no freshman fifteen here)! By the end of spring semester, I had a whole pile of delicious recipes that my friends kept begging me to make!

When I came home for the summer, I realized that a lot of other college students (you included) could benefit from the easy, simple recipes I had used that year. So, my mom helped me put this cookbook together…and “The Dorm Room Diner” was born.

I know you’re broke, but you can’t afford NOT to have this cookbook. Let’s remember last weekend…shall we?

You went out to eat with your friends at Chili’s or Applebee’s Friday night ($20). Saturday morning, everyone decides to go to IHOP for late breakfast/early lunch ($15). You probably bought fast food at least once ($5-$10). And you ordered pizza Sunday night while you were studying for your Monday morning test ($25…when you add in the Chocolate Lava Cake). Overall you might have spent between $60 and $70 in one weekend on off-campus food. For less than half that price, you can buy this cookbook, buy food at the grocery store that will go farther than your entree at Chili’s, and cook wonderful meals in your dorm room for yourself and your friends all weekend! (And every other day of the week as well…)

And since this is the age of technology, I made using the cookbook simple. Instead of having to wait for a big bulky cookbook to be shipped to your address, you get instant access to this electronic version. You can be cooking in minutes. It comes in a .pdf format which means you can add it to your Smart Phone and take it along with you to the store. Or, print out the pages of what you want to cook…