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Does food have anything to do with acne?

Danny Asked: Does food have anything to do with acne?

I am a 24 year old guy and still have acne. It has been consistently bad since starting college.
I don't drink or smoke. I exercise reguarly, and I always wash my hands. Shower once a day too.
I also drink loads of water, drink green tea.
I guess I eat mostly healthy, aside from the large amounts of milk, sugar and chocolate in my diet. Now by "large, " I don't mean insanely huge, but probably anywhere from 5 to 7 chips ahoy sized cookie a day, and up to 5 or 6 glasses of milk a day.
Other that than that, I eat very healthy.
I tried Proactiv and recently stopped because it never fully stopped my acne. In fact, the only thing I thin it did was make my skin dry and peel. I noticed a small difference in acne after I stopped using it.
I know you're not supposed to stop, but I was tired of my skin being dry and look like it was peeling. And hey, if it's not completely working, why continue to spend that much?

So my question is, does food or does food not play a part in acne?
I have heard both sides to this story and am looking for a definitive answer.
I also have another question. Do you or do you not pop zits?
Because it seems when I pop it, it scars, when I don't, it deflates, scabs, THEN scars.
It is very annoying and I'm about to just burn my face on the stove because eventually it will be a huge scar. So why wait?

oh, and by the way, I'm usually not too stressed out. i've just grown so tired of all this acne. I don't see any guys around my age with acne anymore and it drives me crazy because im so healthy when it comes to eating, exercise, not drinking/smoking.


Rachel Answered:
If nothin else, its milk, which I basically puss. I used to have BAD acne, but then I went vegan and it went away. That's all it is ^.^

psychoboom Answered:
Oily foods usually causes pimples. Also fatty foods

Alex Answered:
The more greasy the food you eat the worse your pimples will be and the most common reason for pimples is when you touch your face because all of the bacteria is on your hands. And do not pop pimples and/or zits that will make them worse and more zits will show

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