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Does my best friend have an eating problem , disorder ? what should i do ?

Zara Asked: Does my best friend have an eating problem , disorder ? what should i do ?

So the past years been noticing my friend been acting weird and her eating habits are getting worse. it's scaring me out ….

she's 5'3 , nearly 18
i think she weight 126-130 pounds
she's very shy and nave. Very naive indeed.
she doesn't go gym but has treadmill at home

it's kind of weird, sometime she'll eat normal but some days we'll go out or Ill come round and she'll have only water and a fruit.
but lately she's eating little.
we do say she needs to eat more but she says she's eating little because she's cutting of the meat/ become a vegetarian.

few weeks ago there was the leaving celebration at out school and everyone order chicken , roast , pizza all that stuff and she ordered soup and salad with water.
she took her time and ate so slow and kept on playing with the salad.
no one noticed but me as everyone was eating/chatting , i kept on seeing her sad look.
then we. had dessert we al had cake and i saw a frightened look on her face ,
she said she was full but it was already in front of her.
she ate it but she wasn't happy , looked sad and like guilty.
i though she was going through a diet phase but the next thing wasn't normal.
she then went toilet. we all took 20 mins to finish our desert because it was a lot and she was still in the toilet and everyone went outside.

when i was entering the toilet , I heard like vomiting noise.
i saw/heard 2 girls coming out the toilet saying ' that girls desert are those fingers down her throat' & the other said ' what a waste of food , that's stupid haha ' when she came out she was a bit pale and red eyed but looked at me & alerted . when i passed her it smelt like vomit it was scary.

also these past months i noticed also she's been smoking cigarettes , which shocked me so much.
I never thought she would smoke. She used to hate the smell. But every time I see her in town or out she's smoking. She says it too relive stress and hunger & it feels good.
she really shocked me when i found out. well everyone was.
And begged us not to tell her mum.

i guess she does have a history of being bullied/insecurities but could this caused it ? it happened so long ago ?

she was bullied very young , at age 12 for her weight by one of our friends and i remember that lead to her starving in lunches and breakfast. & i remember once she told me she was 10 and everyone was going swimming lessons and she was so shy and scared to go because of her thighs. she was scared people would call them fat as she thought they were.

she was always curvy/chubby which i envied and everyone else.
recently i hear her parents argue with her saying she's getting to thin & she need to eat.
she tells me how recently whenever she has dinner she doesn't feel like eating it and sometimes doesn't.

we had an argument last week , i said how she's eating little and looks horrible and she didn't argue
( she gets very sensitive about things )
& then broke down and cried.
she start saying how she was sorry and how ' she can't stand her body & how no one weren't there for her in the lowest' i felt so awful and i then saw she was shivering and pale and her hands were shaking :c.

I guess I understood at that part , you see when she was bullied by the friend we did nothing or backed her up & she was in a abusive relationship and me & everyone else didn't comfort her …

she didn't let us really. she's not texting me or anyone , says excuses to stay home , rarely eats , exercise too much , covers her body , goes toilet , eats alone , always sad and it looks like she cries. she spent nearly a whole day in the treadmill and drinking water and nuts. :(
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