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how many inches off waist can I lose in 5-6 days?

Kateox Asked: how many inches off waist can I lose in 5-6 days?

I currently have a 28" waist. I'm looking to flatten my stomach and lose some inches in this time, and was wondering if it's possible?
I don't want a lecture on how unhealthy it is, but if I just eat about 100-200 calories worth of fruit and vetetables, drink about 8-10 glasses of water a day and drink a green tea a day, and then do about 20-30 minutes of cardio a day, with some pilates and the typical push ups, sit ups, crunches, leg ups thrown in.
Doing all this, would it be possible to not only lose weight (which I know for sure you can do in any amount of time, even 1-2 lbs a day without eating) but lose some of the fat from around my waist line? Again, I know how unhealthy this is, I am not adopting this as a lifestyle, I know about the whole putting it back on, I've read hundreds of things about 'starvation mode' (which is a myth), so I don't need any of that please >.<


S Answered:
If you cut your calorie intake to 100-200 a day you will find that you will hold onto the weight rather then loose it. Trying to take in around 500-1000 will be more rewarding.
You will then have the energy to exercise.
who cares if its unhealthy, if you want to see a change then go for it!
hopefully it will work but remember there is no guarantee the weight will definitely drop from your waist line, but here's hoping.
good luck!

more likely then not you will be succesful- i may try it out myself :)
maybe 2 inches or so……………
also eat alot of pineapple as it had no calories!!!

sophie460 Answered:
If you burn 3500 calories, it's equal to losing one pound of fat.

Tristan Answered:
It depends how fat you are if your fat you will lose more

Sophia Answered:
It depends how hard you are running…If you are just doing a casual jog you wont lose anything it is hard to burn so many calories

Delicata Answered:
One pound is 3500 calories, so, If you're going relatively fast then quite probably. But make sure that if you stop then you don't eat between. It's better if you go non-stop anyway

fyjul Haque Answered:
Drink a lot of water and have a clear minus.keep your stomach empty. Thanks.

tennislover Answered:
in one day u will only lose water weight

the hour jog will burn a lot of calories for you

and ideally u want to lose weight in the course of the week.. try going jogging.. on empty stomach before breakfast…. u burn more fat on empty stomach

An Monp Answered:
Yes it will make you lose a pound, if you want to lose the pound faster, put some heavy clothes on and jog so you can sweat. The sweat shaves off a few pounds/

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