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How Much Does Britney Spears Weigh?

How Much Does Britney Spears Weigh?

Article by Daniel Coyle

Britney spears toned body is always been the hot topic in the city especially after she has given birth, normally women gain weight after pregnancy but being into lime light celebrity has to stay fit. As go with Britney spears she always been a style icon that can fit into any outfit. In her one of the interview she claimed that her balance diet is secret of her toned body.In past lot of speculation been heard about Britney spears that she been into crash diets and taking pill to lose weight. But 26-year-old mother of two denied all the speculation and emphasis on the healthy diet to maintain body weight. Britney credits her new physique to a strict diet plan that cuts out all the sugar in her diet. She intimates that she doesn’t eat fruit or have fruit juice because of its sugar content. Instead, her meals consist of chicken, salmon, avocados and rice. Breakfast at the Pop Princess’ table would be egg whites and has turkey burgers for lunch limiting her total caloric intake to 1,200 calories per day. Britney gained a lot of weight when she lost custody of her kids according to star magazine; Britney’s life is spinning out of control along with her weight. But now she is back with her fit body and working on an upcoming album. She’s working out, eating right and enjoying life.Britney spears always been a pop princess and her fans wants her back. Britney is now on the track of getting in shape and achieving the body she used to have before. Britney always had been eye candy for men and girls envy from her for being the sexiest woman on earth.Britney Spears is back and having a new diet regimen, she is all set with her hot new album and a world tour and a tone body from her five times a week workouts. She got her hot body back and shows off her hot new look on the cover of OK! Magazine dressed in a white bikini showing off her physique for the world to see.

Britney Spears is all set to rock her fans by singing and stage shows. For more details to log into Coyle