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how to loose 5 pounds in 2 weeks?

Sam Asked: how to loose 5 pounds in 2 weeks?

im only 13.and i want to loose weight fast (only 2 weeks till summer!) and i want a flat stomach. give me some ways to be motivated too! PLEASE HELP!!!


Mary Answered:
Eat ony 3 meals a day and eat only vegetables.

Rocket Answered:
eat light and follow this workout

Eric Answered:
Easy… I went down from 158 to 140 in just 3 weeks by doing these 5 stations…

1. 45 Crunches (they help you build your abs to create the flatness)
2. Put your arms to the side and jump up 100 times (sounds dumb but works)
3. Run about half a mile every other day.
4. eat lots of grapefruit (this is the biggest part) they are proven to help you lose weight…
5. Do NOT eat foods that fill you up fast (starches, sugars, some dairies)

Miranda Answered:
eat healthy and exercise a bunch! eat 3 meals with 2 snacks in between. eat fruit, vegies, lean proein like fish, chicken, and turkey, healthy fat like olive oil and nuts, and whole grains. dont eat any chips, candy, fast food, or anything fried. go to they have a bunch of helpful tips, recipes, and workouts. 5 lbs in two weeks can definitly be done as long as you eat healthy natural foods and exercise. google HIIT and do that 3 times a week. do some other exercise on the other days like walking, biking, or dancing. also do weight training exercises like crunches, push-ups and squats. just go to!!! good luck im trying to do the same thing
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