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how to loose weight for male teens?

Sean Asked: how to loose weight for male teens?

okay now I'm 16 & 5'11 now I'm trying to lose weight i weighed in at about 265 last month now i want to loose weight just for the fact of self preferences now i know eating right is one important thing but i want to know some tips like i run about a quarter mile and that about kills me because I'm a smoker now scene it's probably about calories too i would like to know i don't slam Pepsi all day i usually drink about 3-4 razzle berry peace tea's a day and the calories in one of those is about 150 all together now i would like some tips besides diet i would like to know mostly exercise but i can do diet just not going vegan lol and i don't really eat candy just drink a lot of tea. and i run about 1000 feet thank you if you can help :)


Tristan Clark Answered:
Dont bother trying to do extensive exercise just focus on eating healthy and staying active try to have 15-20 minute walks twice a day morning and afternoon dont have to but it will help

Johhny Answered:
controll your diet

Sam Answered:
few quick points
1) aerobic exercises
2)cardio exercises
3) try swimming–best for weight loss in my opinion
along with exercising take more water …and eat more fruits to improve ur metobolism in order to loose weight

all d best

ladydaisy Answered:
that is a lot of calories to waste on Tea almost 1/2 of what your total caloric intake should be. If you cut out the tea or at least cut it to 1 a day.Also walk walk walk Try and think of a rubber band attaching your your hip bones and you don't want that rubber band to stretching. As you are walking concentrate and make sure that rubber band doesn't stretch. That is a good core builder. That is very important. Also remember to breathe deep and exhale completely. QUIT THEM CIGS YUCK!!! Good luck

David C Answered:
Well, I think it is safe to say that you have a problem with weight. Having said that there are many things at your disposal. You could join Weight Watchers. There is a lot of support there and you'll be learning nutrition…good nutrition…at the same time. You could also pick up a book on nutrition. They're cheap. Nutrition for Dummies is a good read and it's written at a good learning level. Exercise will be your best friend in trying to slim down. Since you have tried running without success, I suggest walking. It will be aerobic for you. This is a good time fo the year to get out and do something. You may not know this, but the number one reason for weight gain, especially in teens, is sugar laden drinks. That tea has as many calories as 3 twelve ounce Pepsis. 450 calories spent on drinks leaves you with about 1500 calories a day. You will be able to ingest 2000 calories a day and still lose weight right now. As you slim down you will have to adjust that figure down. Walk, Walk, Walk. And good luck.

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