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How to Lose Weight Fast

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To see the awesome fat-loss videos, click here: Unfortunately, it is very difficult to lose weight quickly — and many people who try crash dieting do more harm to their body than good. That said, steady weight loss can usually be achieved by permanently switching to the Primal Diet. (Note: Sometimes this is also called the Paleo Diet). The Primal Diet basically includes meats from grass-fed animals, wild fish, pesticide-free vegetables, pesticide-free fruit, raw dairy, nuts, seeds, and coconut products — especially unrefined coconut oil to cook in. You might also be happy to know that lengthy cardio sessions are not required to achieve body fat loss. In fact, studies have confirmed that high-intensity, short duration exercise will actually burn-off more body fat than long duration, low-intensity exercise. Lastly, if you have a special event to attend, it would be okay to skip a meal right before the event if you are hell-bent on appearing just a little bit slimmer. Just don't skip more than one meal! (For more information about this, you can look up something called "intermittent fasting"). Video Title: How to Lose Weight Fast YouTube URL: