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I need to know if i am anorexic or not ! please answer and help me?

Anna Asked: I need to know if i am anorexic or not ! please answer and help me?

I weigh 9 stone and i have started eating 500 calories roughly a day for the past few months. i lost a stone and a bit but i dont think im fat so how can i be anorexic? i exercise daily usually and im a healthy bmi for my height. i just want to know if i am classed as anorexic or not really? and i am 15…thank you


abby Answered:
Seem about avarage to me

Kelly Answered:
If you're eating that few calories a day it could be considered anorexia. You need to eat 1500 at least or you'll become underweight.

Michael Answered:
To be diagnosed with Anorexia you have to have a B.M.I of 17.5 or lower

professional expert Answered:
you're not anorexic so chill

Lovinglife Answered:
eating 500 calories a day is dangerous you're not anorexic yet but if you continue on you will be . I mean if you lost a stone and a bit every few months for a year you definitely would be anorexic so try to take care of yourself. Eating 500 calories a meal would be healthier!

Erica Answered:
I'm younger and I've experienced a form of an eating disorder. And sadly, it was from eating 500 calories a day. My bmi was awful and I'm pretty sure my growth is stunted. I recommend that you bulk up on the calories because a growing active teen needs at least 2,000 calories a day. Just to give you some ideas, here are some foods that would be great for you to eat! Greek yogurt, instant oatmeal, whole grain bread, peanut butter or almonds, olive oil, berries, part skim mozzarella cheese (or normal cheese), eggs, low fat dairy, chicken, turkey, salmon, broccoli, spinach, hummus (for dips),and avocado! These are just some of the many foods that are great for you and your health! I hope I've helped and remember you can eat any kind of junk food you want (just in moderation!) and that doesn't mean just have one cookie and your done for the rest of the week! You can have whatever junk you want, just not in huge portions all day every day. I really hope I've helped and remember you need to have at least around 2,000 calories ESPECIALLY if you're active. good luck & I hope I've helped!

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