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Is it possible to lose weight the week of your period?

Kenzy H Asked: Is it possible to lose weight the week of your period?

I have been working on losing weight by eating healthily and exercising, but I know that during menstruation, you can gain a few pounds of bloat. I put in extra effort on the weekends since it is easier to get more weight loss in. My question is, if I work hard this weekend, will I drop my bloat weight AND the weight that I would lose during this time?


You know, I've had my period for 10 years and I always lost about 2 pounds at the end of my period because I lose my appetite. SO, yes, it is possible. But of course I gain that weight back the next three weeks when my appetite is back to normal. -_-

Rae Answered:
Yes but it is hard I agree with the purple lady I lose like 3 lbs afterwards and I cry a lot Cu's I am emotional during that so I like cry off 2 lbs lol. :D good luck btw excersize and eat plenty of fruits and veggies

Alex Answered:
You weigh more at night than in the morning. In the morning you haven't eaten any thing but at night you haven't digested all that food to its still inside you. So you really haven't gained any weight at all.

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