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Don’t Miss Any of These Priceless Interviews and Kettlebell Training Strategies! “Get the Complete Set of KETTLEBELL SECRETS Recordings and Transcripts”

—Geoff Neupert, SrRKC, CSCS, Master Trainer and Author of soon-to-be-released, Kettlebell Muscle

Brett Jones reveals the seven key areas that are inhibiting your progress and teaches you how to uncover and fix potentially fatal flaws that will allow your performance to soar to new heights.

The KETTLEBELL SECRETS Teleseminar Series you just signed up for is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit back and soak up collective decades of kettlebell training from arguably some of the best kettlebell instructors on the planet—the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Senior Staff, who are not only experts in kettlebell training, but also physical fitness and overall health and wellness too.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could take all the worry out of missing a call, a concept, an idea or technique, or even a single word? What if you could even get access to all of the previous calls—not only the one you just missed?

How cool would it be to listen to any call, any time, anywhere, at your own convenience—whenever and wherever you want, so you can mine every body-transforming nugget?

Well, you can if you take advantage of this Insider Upgrade and get unlimited access to the audios and transcripts of each and every call. Just to make your decision a “No-Brainer,” I’m including an amazing collection of bonuses: A virtual “Grab Bag” of terrific material you can’t get anywhere else—ever—workouts, videos, or in some cases—BOTH!

Having the audio recordings and transcripts of this amazing teleseminar always at your fingertips is like attending the world’s greatest kettlebell training seminar over and over again—so you can absorb and study every precious piece of training advice you’ll receive.

Of course, if you could attend such a seminar “live,” it could easily cost you “an arm and a leg”—thousands of dollars—and probably as much to buy the “home study” version.

The fact is, scheduling an appointment with even just one of these experts would set you back an average of well over a hundred bucks. (I know for certain that Pavel charges $500 just for one hour!)

But, you won’t have to fork over thousands of dollars. Or even hundreds. This is your chance to have unlimited access to the audio recordings and transcripts of each and every call for a “measly” $97—a crazy low price to be sure. Think about it: That’s less than $10 a call!

In fact, this is your ONLY opportunity to get these recordings and transcripts at this outrageously-low price.

When we’re done with this series and word gets out about how valuable these calls have been, I’ll probably turn this information into a product that will sell for many hundreds of dollars and still be a bargain!

But, you can be absolutely certain of this—you will never ever see these audio recordings and transcripts offered for anything as low as $97 again.

In fact, there’s a very real possiblity that the response will be so overwhelming, that I’ll even remove the extra "goodies" that I’m going to give you for free when you sign up for this Insider Upgrade today.

These calls will be more—much more—than just a captivating one hour a week phone call that helps you train with kettlebells more easily, more efficiently.

I want these to be more than just phone calls—I want them to be an inspiring and physique-transforming…