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know any PMDD treatments?

Mellisa Reeves Asked: know any PMDD treatments?

I think I have PMDD, i've looked it up online and it describes be perfectly.
just before and during my period i often feel fat, ugly, stupid, poor, useless, violent and agressive, lonely, lost, tearful, an outcast of society and sometimes it goes as far as suicidal. the list could go on…

I find it very hard to get things dont while i'm like this, and i dont know how i can stop it. all i do i mope about all day wallowing in self pity. i dont want to be like this, i want to be sucessful in life but dont feel like i'm mentally capable of even the most basic jobs.

i have anxiety so i'm not sure if this is a contirbuting factor,
so i'd like to know if anyone knows of any ways i can help myself to stop being such a pussy ****** and get the f*** on with my life,

i know things like a healthy diet and exercise work wonders, but being on job seekers and housing benefit, i seriously cant afford to do anything more than just survive on an extremely tight budget


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