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Party Crasher Paris Hilton Punted From A-List Party

Party Crasher Paris Hilton Punted From A-List Party

Article by D. Culbert

Does Paris Hilton’s arrogance and sense of entitlement know no boundaries? Seriously, the woman who is famous for really nothing more than a stint in jail, extravagant shopping sprees, walking red carpets, man stealing, a failed music and acting career, and of course reality TV, has a high opinion of herself if she thinks that she can just waltz into an A-list party being attended by the likes of Tom Cruise, Sting, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Ralph Fiennes among others without an invite without drawing the ire of the party host.

Who does she think she is, and does she really believe that she is “all that,” that just because she is more often than not mocked in celebrity rags and other mags she can just rock up to any A-list party just because she’s Paris Hilton? Somebody needs to take a sharp object and burst that inflated ego of hers.

Last Sunday after the Golden Globes were handed out, the usual smattering of A-list “hoity-toity” celebrity parties glittered the City of Angels, and lo and behold Ms Hilton, not wanting to miss a chance of stealing somebody else’s thunder, waltzed into a party hosted by celebrity agent Kevin Huvane, and when he spotted her, he flew into a rage and rightfully so. Who does she think she is crashing a party of schmoozing celebrities whose asses he was kissing?

During Huvane’s outburst Ms. Hilton, who for once in her life didn’t want to draw any more attention to herself than she usually wants, hightailed it into the ladies washroom and promptly locked herself inside for the 15 minutes it took security to arrive and remove her.

Apparently, she was quite embarrassed by the whole scene, an observation I find as absurd and ridiculous as the heiress herself.

Back in the day when a woman locked herself in a women’s washroom in a bar I was managing, I wouldn’t have had any qualms of going in there, and physically removing her.

There would have been no need for me to call police, though I did have bouncers watching my back, just in case an irate boyfriend was in the immediate vicinity.

Another day in the life of Paris Hilton, a woman who as far as Crooked in Canada is concerned, needs to learn that being recognized as a legitimate celebrity and being invited it A-list celebrity parties is not a God given right, it’s something that is earned. She hasn’t earned half as much as she thinks she worth on the celebrity circuit, and at the end of the day she should just get used to it, and take the nose that she so expertly keeps pointed towards the sky to parties a little more conducive to her celebrity, like the sleazy kind of parties and orgies D-list celebrities like to throw.

Man she’s an arrogant piece of work isn’t she. She’s nothing but a “wannabe” as far as I’m concerned.

Canadian National who is an irreverent and forthright blogger @ Nothing is off limits when it comes to spin and theory about some of the day’s biggest news makers and events around the world. I say and ask what everybody else is afraid to.

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