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Power Punching Guide by Randy LaHaie

Toughen Up Training Tips provide you with the information you need to incorporate combative training methods as a safe, effective and enjoyable way to develop awesome fighting skills and get into the best shape of your life!

The Heavy Bag has been a staple of combative training for centuries.Boxers, Kick Boxers and Martial Artist have used it to develop explosivepower in their strikes and kicking techniques and to tone and conditiontheir bodies.

I consider focus pads to be one of the "best-kept-secrets" of combativetraining. In fact, if I were limited to only one piece of combative trainingequipment, these would certainly be it.

A lot of people use focus pads but many fail to recognize the rapid andpractical benefits that they produce in an intelligent training program. WhenI want to teach someone how to hit properly in the shortest time possible orif I just want to hook up with a friend for a good workout myself, Iturn to focus pads.