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Question about getting a flat stomach?

Rennie Asked: Question about getting a flat stomach?

It seems impossible.. I burn a lot by Hula hooping every day (500 plus calories) and I try to eat

I know I'm a bit addicted to chocolate

Anyway, the 'belly' just refuses to go away. I wake up with a. Near flat stomach but I look awful at the end of the day.

The thing is, I have stitches around my stomach which is right in the middle and goes all across my stomach. Could that in anyway affect the fat loss there?


La Femme Answered:
I don't think the stitches you have affect that fact that your not getting the fat stomach you want. For women it is harder for us to lose weight, its a proven fact. I think that instead of just hula hooping and eating right. Try some exercises that focus on burning belly fat and exercises that strengthen the muscles in your abdomen. Here are a few videos i found that might help you.

Hope i helped.

Chris Answered:
I recommend a great program with information on burning fat with a workout plan and diet advice. Check out the AX Workout.


LT Answered:
It's mainly diet. Eat more protein (lean meat, eggs, whey powder etc), so you can get full quickly, use it to fuel your energy and burn calories. Build muscles in order to burn your fat much more quickly. .Drink more green tea to speed up your metabolism (Green tea may taste plain but you can add Splenda for sweetener). I say just do weighlifting, running, pushup, and situps. Make smoothie drinks. For more info, try Abs Diet for Women and take it seriously. No excuses at all.

You need to measure your weight, waist to hip ratio, body mass index, body fat etc. to figure out how much fat you need to lose to arrive at your perfect weight. You should also create your calorie budget. You can lose 10-20 pounds in 6 weeks if you stick seriously to your ideal diet and exercise, but it doesn't mean you should sacrifice your chocolate. You can cheat one a week and eat chocolate, which is perfectly healthy.

Danielle Answered:
No your perfect for your height

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