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quick weight loss tips?

MadBakerD Asked: quick weight loss tips?

i would like to lose weight within about a month and unfortuantly am unable to go to the gym as i'm too young so if people could please recommend maybe a workout/fitness regime or even a diet menu for an average day?.. that would be great and also in case it is important i'm 13 years old and need to weight off fast!


Eric Answered:
Running. Do a sport. Don't eat crap… Combine it all,.

smiley face Answered:
try low a carb diet ontop of you workout and try skipping as a workout. if concidering skipping; skip for 10min 2-3 sets with a 1-2 min walk inbetween

Novella Answered:
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Jesusita Answered:
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B Answered:
Try going on the apple diet.

Yahoos God Answered:
Cardio, cardio, cardio. you have to burn more calories off than you consume(eat). If you need to me elaborate on the proof then check out this website.

Tim Answered:
Go for a run in the afternoon. Also if you have access to any weight lifting equiptment ask your dad to spot you. Lift for about a half hour at your age and run for a half hour if possible. I usually run 5 days a week and lift 5 days. I have been lifting for a year now, so try to aim for every other day.Drink a protein shake in the morning, you can get whey protein from GNC. Take it in an 8 oz glass of water. Protein in morning helps higher metabolism throughout the day. Take a small lunch, and dont buy school lunches. They are very unhealthy. Take one sandwich and a vegetable of your choice. Drink plenty of water throughout the day also. For dinner, pace yourself and try to eat more protein rather than carbs or fats. Have a small snack when you come home from school. I was in your situation a year ago, until i decided to make a change. You can do it too :)

Jessica Answered:
go to gym 5 days a week and run as hard as you can for half an hour. if you can't do that, go outside and run. this will make sure you get your heart rate up and burn the most calories possible, without having to waste an hour with light exercise. 30 min is easy.

get the iPhone app 'my fitness pal', it's a really easy way to count your calories to make sure you don't go overboard during the day. you will be surprised how many calories are in supposedly "healthy" things.

cut out carbs and sugar. eat a lot of eggs (egg whites are even better), lean meat, steamed fish, steamed veg and fruit. but if you want to lose weight fast NO carbs and NO sugar.

drink lots of tea with little milk and no sugar if you like to snack a lot. this will substitute for snacking on unhealthier things.

also i don't have butter/milk/cream/cheese/yoghurt because I'm lactose intolerant. that has helped with my bloating.

average daily diet:

breakfast: scrambled egg whites with soy milk. cup of fresh mixed melon. small soy latte, no sugar.
lunch: steamed basa fillet and green beans.
dinner: lean steak (no bigger than size of my palm) and garden salad, minus the cheese.
snacks: fruit, green tea, almonds, boiled eggs, carrot and celery with low-fat hommus.

avoid having (bad) foods to snack on around the house.

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