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Shrink Hemorrhoids Now – Use Effective Ways to Shrink Hemorrhoids

Shrink Hemorrhoids Now – Use Effective Ways to Shrink Hemorrhoids

Article by Mohamad Ali

Hemorrhoids exist in about 6 percent of the population. Everyone has hemorrhoids and it is just a matter of whether they are inflamed or otherwise. You can however alleviate this problem – shrink hemorrhoids. However, diet is one of the most important causes of hemorrhoids that need to be addressed. If you can coordinate and control your food intake, then you need not worry about how to shrink hemorrhoids.

Depending on whether hemorrhoids are internal or external, this ailment can be healed even if you do not use medical interventions as there are many ways to shrink hemorrhoids found in the area of home remedies.

1. Prepare a warm sitz bath and soak your buttocks in the bath. You can do this for about three times a daily. You can add in Epsom salt, herbal salt or even baking soda into the bath. Doing so will eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with the hemorrhoids. Make sure that you do not use any perfumed soap or oils in the bath as this will irritate the hemorrhoids. Still the safest way is to use clear warm water. Warm water will dilate the blood vessels and provide comfort to the sufferer.

2. Make use of astringents to shrink hemorrhoids. They have similar properties to vasoconstrictors in that astringents can close down the blood vessels. Once the blood supply is cut off, then the hemorrhoids will starve and dry up. Astringents in use to shrink hemorrhoids include witch hazel. This ingredient is a very strong astringent and antioxidant that allow for the management of bleeding and swelling. They come in the forms of creams, suppositories and ointments.

3. You can add in the garlic and onions as these have been very useful in alleviating hemorrhoids. They kill bacteria and are also useful in strengthening the blood vessels. Inflammation is very much reduced by these ingredients.

4. Take supplements of Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet daily. This preparation which should also contain hesperidin and rutin will strengthen the blood cells and provide the defence against free radicals that tend to attack body cells. This supplement will shrink hemorrhoids. The next supplement to take is a 1000 mg capsule of Omega 3. This has many important properties including the ability to prevent blood platelets clumping. Thus there is no clotting of blood as is found in thrombosed hemorrhoids. As such there is smooth blood flow in the body thus alleviating the pain associated with hemorrhoids. Omega 3 will also remove the inflammation that is cause of hemorrhoids in the first place.

Use of home remedies to shrink hemorrhoids should be the first and only option that I would recommend to tackle hemorrhoids. Do not go for surgery because of the post-operative adverse effects including bleeding. Use the natural home remedies and you will discover that this system is safe, cheap and very effective.

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Mohamad Ali is an affiliate marketer. He has years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and is currently devoting much of his time in preventive and complementary medicine. He has a deep concern on health issues and spends a lot of his time advising people on healthy lifestyle maintenance.

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