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Stay-Fit Buzz No Nonsense Butt Building – Butt Bible – Fitzspiration

Last week, while on our Facebook page, we asked everyone if they would like us to build a butt building guide for Fitbuzzers.

The overall response via all of our communication channels was quite positive. So, that’s what we decided to do. To build an E-course on how to build a solid, firm and tight rounded butt!

As you may know, one of the key methods to lose weight, get lean and build killer curves is to simply reduce your food intake. However, going on a severe weight loss diet should NOT be your goal, because time and time again, it has been proven that weight loss diet’s don’t work.

What actually happens is that the weight loss diet will work for the first several weeks, but then it will stop. Because your body has a weight regulating mechanism that recognizes when there is a food shortage and it simply starts saving energy and reduces the rate of calorie burning. At which point you think ‘hey presto, I’m fit’. Like most people, you’ll come off the ‘diet’ and if you’re good you won’t binge. However, you will most likely go back to consuming your daily food maintenance level. Which isn’t totally bad. But over time it will be, because 50% of the weight you lose will be lean muscle mass, which is essential for continuous fat burning. Which means that your body won’t be burning calories as efficiently as before. And like magic.

Luckily, there is a better way. And best of all, you will build yourself a fabulous Pippa Middleton butt. (We all know how well that turned out don’t we).

The better approach is to approach fitness as a lifestyle with a focus on become lean and strong, which will make your wedding dress grip your body, showing off your new fitness curves. A physique that you will be able to ‘keep’. The way to achieve that is with a structured diet, weight training and cardio plan.

Now, there are 100′s of exercises that you can perform that either directly or indirectly work your butt. However, most of those exercises are a complete waste of time. You know, those funky exercises that most gym classes include into their programs today. It is true that Stay-Fit Buzz values ‘fitness fun’ as a key motivator in this fitness lifestyle. But let’s be honest. What you REALLY want is RESULTS!!!

And that is the pure focus of No nonsense Butt Building. Showing you the exact blueprint on how to…

I’m a former pro- (track) athlete and I’ve been a full-time fitness author for the past couple of years as well as a devoted gym member for 14+ years.

I also run a fitness website that gets 1+ million visitors per year, called Stay-Fit Buzz. It teaches men and women how to get lean, strong and sexy with a focus on fitness fun.

I simply got the ball rolling with one blog and has since grown into a following of 10,000+ dedicated fitness individuals.

In 2011 I started a popular Facebook fan page and launched member requested programs such as ”Budget foods for Abs”, ”Stay-Fit Buzz Pull ups program” and of course ”No Nonsense Butt Building”. Which, combined, will truly aid in the goal of building the lean, strong and sexy physique that you can actually ‘keep’.

Volume 1 of the program will help you get there in 3 key stages which will cover the first 14 days of the program. And over the next 4-6 weeks I will be tagging along side you to ensure that you start seeing results…