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Surviving Cancer Naturally! NO CHEMOTHERAPY

If You Have Been Diagnosed With Any Form of Cancer Please Read This Message. &nbsp It May Change Your Life Or The Life Of Your Loved One.

It devastated me and I am sure you all felt the same way when it happened to you. Frankly I was scared out of my mind and it made me feel extremely fragile and vulnerable.

I have been healthy and escaped sickness all of my life. I very rarely went to the doctor for anything and I don’t take tablets or medication drugs, and now I have breast cancer with metastasis to the lymph nodes.

My doctors advised me to have radiation and chemotherapy but at the same time I questioned whether I should bombard my body with toxic drugs. Anyone that has been in this situation knows that doctors will start treatment straight away, not giving you time to think or consider other options. A person can be very vulnerable when in shock and most people comply, after all doctors know best, dont they?

I thought that doctors did know best, that was until I did some research on chemotherapy versus natural, healthy alternatives in order to make an educated decision for myself.

Apart from the horrendous side effects, even the doctors will tell you that Radiation and/or Chemotherapy will probably cause cancer to re-occur in a few years.

Yet there are no other options offered by the medical establishment and the poor, stressed-out cancer patient is told that he or she must have the toxic treatment now, in the hope of getting rid of the cancer… only to expect it to pop up again later.

This is a frightening dilemma to be faced with especially when one is suffering from the shock and panic that comes from a cancer diagnosis.

Knowing the dangers of Radiation and Chemotherapy I didn’t want to be forced into rapid treatment before I at least explored other options.

I discovered that there are actually over 400 safe natural alternative treatments for cancer. These treatments gently work to bring the body to a point where it starts to heal itself. The only side effects (if you can call them that) with natural treatments are better health, weight loss, reversal of many conditions including allergies and, if done with discipline and commitment, a cure for your cancer.

I spent a lot of time researching and finally decided on a protocol which I felt I could do easily. It was inexpensive and I thought it was just right for me.

It is very simple and the ingredients are freely available. I refused radiation and chemotherapy in favour of trying the natural way first.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to go against the doctors advice but there is one piece of advice I would like to pass on to you.

Give yourself some time to learn about your cancer and some natural treatment options. Don’t forget that your cancer took a few years to get to where it is so a week or two delaying surgery, radiation and chemo won’t make too much difference.

Natural treatments build your immune system to enable your body to fight this disease whereas surgery, radiation and chemo damage, burn and poison and set back any healing potential. It can take a year to get rid of all the chemo in the system and up to 3 years for your body to build up fighting immune health. We know that chemo doesn’t cure cancer because if you had enough chemo to kill all the cancer cells in the body it would kill…