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What is the best way to prevent mild acne coming back?

love from marshall xoxo Asked: What is the best way to prevent mild acne coming back?

Hey guys so recently I completely got rid of my mild acne problem and I'm extremely happy that I don't even have ONE active pimple on my face. So basically what I'm asking for are some tips and tricks to prevent it coming back. Let me just tell you that I keep my hair away from my face, I don't wear makeup during the day unless it's for a special occasion and also because of school rules. I only wear a tinted moisturiser with minerals and spf in it. I'm quite healthy and I strongly stick to a healthy diet and I only allow myself to be able to eat McDonalds or KFC once a month. I exercise everyday and I stick to my skin care routine and I never slug off from it. :)

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Posted by heerak009 - November 27, 2011 at 14:30

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