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Sunshine Kids 30070 Buggy Tray Stroller Drink and Snack Tray

Sunshine Kids 30070 Buggy Tray Stroller Drink and Snack TrayHandy insulated drink and snack fabric tray attaches easily to front bar of most strollers and can be easily reached by children Accommodates two bottles and a center snack cup holder Two loops for toy or pacifier attachment Black only

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Posted by heerak009 - April 23, 2012 at 16:18

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Just How Handy Is Heat Shrink Tubing?

Just How Handy Is Heat Shrink Tubing?

Article by Britney Lodato

When you’re dealing with wiring and other issues that involve electrical cords, heat shrink tubing comes in very handy. Heat shrink tubing is tubing that goes around electrical wires to protect them from environmental changes as well as insulating the wires from abrasions. Heat shrink tubing is not only used for protecting wires but to also simply bundle loose wires together. It is a tube that shrinks in diameter when heated and can vary in thickness depending on what you are using it for. Also, if you have a wire or set of wires that need to be resealed or fixed in any way, heat shrink tubing will repair the problem as well.

Heat shrink tubing also provides top of the line electrical insulation, protection from dust and other particles that shouldn’t come into contact with the wires, and protection from liquids and other solvents. If heat shrink tubing is overheated, it can melt down to the wires or catch on fire just like any other type of plastic. This can then cause major problems with the wires you are trying to work with so make sure you don’t overheat the tubing. However, some types of heat shrink tubing have a layer of thermoplastic adhesive inside to provide better adhesion to the wires. Heating plain, non-adhesive shrink tubing may not make it catch on fire but still cause it to fuse to the material underneath.

There are many different materials that heat shrink tubing is made out of, one of them being PTFE tubing. PTFE tubing has a wide operating temperature range that goes from -55 to 175 degrees Celsius and a high resistance to chemicals and punctures. It is made of carbon and fluorine and has one of the lowest amounts of friction against solids. If you are working with wires or any other material that needs bundling together, it would be most beneficial to look into heat shrink tubing. It makes your job a little easier and will do the trick every time.

Britney Lodato is a content writer for Webimax in Mount Laurel New Jersey.

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Posted by heerak009 - December 14, 2011 at 07:13

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