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Denise Austin PowerBelt Walking System

Denise Austin PowerBelt Walking System

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Denise Austin PowerBelt Walking System - Product Description

Walking is one of the most popular, convenient and inexpensive ways to get and stay fit. I'm sure you know all the benefits of incorporating walking into your healthy lifestyle. Bottom line, it is safe and a fun way to get a great workout for your lower body. What about your upper body? Your lower body is doing all the work and receiving all the benefits from a healthy stroll, but your arms and shoulders do nothing. Hand weights are a popular addition to fitness walking, but they can cause strain on the arm, shoulder and back muscles. They are also an inconvenience. What do you do with hand weights if, in the middle of your walk, you get tired? Do you plan on taking the weights with you when traveling? The solution is the Denise Austin Powerbelt walking system. It's an effective, safe, and easy to use product developed for and inspired by walking for fitness. Denise Austin, one of America's most recognized fitness experts, chose to endorse the Powerbelt over hundred's of other products for several reasons: * Easy to Use - Out of the box and on to your walking routine. * Effective - Burns up to 70% more calories than walking alone. * Versatile - Use it for walking, jogging, aerobics, and much more. * Safety - Smooth and safe resistance compared to hand weights. You already devote the time to walk. Why not get the best results for your efforts? The Denise Austin Powerbelt is the ultimate solution to make your walk into a double duty exercise for your lower and upper body. The result? A smaller waistline and strong, toned arms and shoulders.

Denise Austin PowerBelt Walking System - Details

  • Easy-to-use walking belt for burning calories and toning muscles
  • Soft rubber handles provide smooth resistance over range of arm swing
  • Burns up to 71 percent more calories than regular walking
  • Four adjustable resistance levels; fits waists from 22 to 48 inches
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds; backed by one-year limited warranty

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