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Underground Strength System by Zach Even-Esh

“You’re About to Get Your Hands on The Underground Strength Training System, A Proven Roadmap for Developing Brute Strength & High Octane Conditioning Guaranteed to Explode Your Strength and Muscle Building Results Like Never Before”

Dear Friend, What I’m about to reveal to you will change the way you train yourself and others, forever, I kid you not. The results are so insane that it is scary at times. This is not some hyped up program that doesn’t deliver results like so much of the insane information on the web today. This is SERIOUS stuff and requires hard work.

If you are looking for a short cut or easy workouts then this program will NOT be for you. I just want to be completely honest and up front with you before we move forward. I’ve personally witnessed the results of this system time and again, year after year on countless individuals ranging from teenagers to guys in their 50’s. The Underground Strength Training System gives you a proven roadmap guaranteed to develop Brute strength & dense, ripped muscles at break-neck speed. The information packed inside my Underground Strength System is what we use with our athletes and strength fanatics and it has been proven, in the trenches, time after time, year after year. It has never failed. Coaches fly in from around the world to learn these methods so they can take them back home to use for their own gym, their athletic team and often times for themselves. And So the Underground Begins…. The old timers did it and they developed strength and physiques unheard of in today’s world of sissy workouts, chrome machines and other scientific hog wash workouts.

It all started in my Dad’s over crowded garage and large backyard. The garage ceilings were so low that the Basketball player I trained would duck down slightly at the top of every deadlift! We had nothing fancy, and back then we may have felt this was a downfall, but we quickly discovered this was a gift.

I had been in the trenches for 13 years already, but being my own guinea pig proved that what I was doing was not the way to go. I was following the advice in the training magazines found on newsstands everywhere and the misinformation was killing me. I knew there had to be a better way to get the ass kickin’ results that produced a rugged body which performed like a high performance machine. Here’s my confession….. After 15 years of being misinformed, I realized I was brainwashed like most other people. I followed the crappy training routines and methods in the magazines that had been fabricated and never proven in the trenches. I was determined to find the right way and nothing was going to stop me, NOTHING!

The So Called “Rules” You’ve Been Brainwashed to Follow Have Limited Your Potential in Gaining Serious Strength

The crazy thing is that I discovered these ‘Underground’ methods by accident. I had no money to purchase the fancy equipment that I thought I had to have to train others effectively. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the “job” done! I had a small corner of my Dad’s garage to train my athletes using my 300 lb Costco barbell set and a pair of 50 and 100 lb dumbbells. The problem was that my athletes were too weak to use the 50 lb dumbbells let alone the 100 lb dumbbells! Rest assured this “weakness” didn’t last too long!

We decided to head out into my Dad’s backyard and start using anything that was out there! Mother Nature became our best friend and you’re about to learn how Mother Nature can help you develop the strength, power and conditioning that the majority of people do not have. I want you to imagine just how friggin’ amazing it is going to be once you get your hands on this ‘Underground’ information…. There were tons of stones lying around so we used them There were low branches that were strong enough for pull ups so we used them There was a heavy sledge hammer and large tree stumps so we used them We used our own bodyweight with partner and individual drills that challenged one another big time and developed raw strength that I had never witnessed before!

Dear Zach, My name is Blair Sneed and I’m from Memphis, Tennessee. First off, I would just like to say that you have been a huge inspiration on me in my pursuit of a career in the fitness/ training field. I have always been athletic and have always tried to stay "fit", but once I found your blog, I totally bought into your philosophy and realized that I wasn’t doing anything but building those pretty "sugar muscles". I purchased…