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Who here thinks that todays society has become too drug dependent?

Giachetta Asked: Who here thinks that todays society has become too drug dependent?

Ive seen people including children taking controlled substances like ritalin, adderal, valium, xanex etc. Children and teenagers are getting prescribed antidepressants. I see people with a minor cold completly over medicating with antihistimes, cold medicines and pain pills. Weight loss industry markets pills all the time and people get prescribed hydrocodones and oxycodones for a sprained ankle.

Its starting to seem like people these days only go to the doctor for a prescription and not to find out how to actually treat and prevent an illness. Most people who want a magic pill to solve all their problems without paying any mind to the side effects of these drugs.Who here thinks our society is entirely too dependent on drugs rather then doing any work to fight a disease (such as changing diet, or lifestyle etc)


NO MAAM Answered:
Take a chill pill.

sober Answered:
I agree.

ingsoc1 Answered:
Thank you wonderful private HMO'S

Therapy is expensive pills are cheap, free market!

oogabooga37 Answered:
I agree!It's just another extension of the relinquishment of personal responsibility.People are looking for somebody to sell them an easy fix instead of taking care of themselves.Substance abuse for recreation is a more severe and more harmful form of this dependence.

lovelydays Answered:
Prescription drugs, alcohol, recreational drugs have become so widely used in this country that is one reason things are in such bad shape socially and financially.

Toms de Torquemada Answered:
Very reliant on big pharma, particularly out east. I hardly even notice a problem with pills in the west, but everywhere outside the west, pill abuse is huge. It's still a problem here too, but pot is the drug of choice here.

I don't know about antihistamines though, lol. I have allergies, so I take them, but I have no reason to abuse Claritin.

I agree, too dependent on prescription medication, and we should all change our diet, quit smoking cigarettes, eat right, smoke pot, and drink pinot noir.

Smoking Joe Answered:
Prescription drug abuse now kills more people that street drugs – that's including heroin, coke and meth.

We are being drugged into submission. Zombies are much easier to control.

Craig Answered:
In the United States, yes it has, that is becuese there is big $$$ to be made in selling people drugs.

The United States is the ONLY Nation in the First World that allows Drug companies to advertise on TV, this needs to be BANNED in all 50 states.

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