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Why do I look so ugly and fat?

Jenny Asked: Why do I look so ugly and fat?

Whenever I wake up, I feel so chubby and fat. I mean, I'm not really really really fat, but still, compared to the popular kids that all wear designer clothes and all that, I feel so ugly. I don't have pretty clothes, I don't look beautiful like them, I'm no super duper skinny. I know, I shouldn't compare, but in life, you have to compare sometimes. I like to hang around my friends and I only keep this one friend who is pretty fat so I don't look fat. I'm so selfish and I hate myself for it. I normally get really good grades because I spend most of my time studying. I'm not good at any sport so I'm embarrassed to even play. That's why I go swimming a lot, it keeps me from getting really fat. I usually eat pretty healthy foods but like on special occasions I eat like pizza or whatever. But still.


DEANA Answered:
read about it here
open the fifth and sixth brown link
there for detail info

Janel Answered:
Eat healthy, exercise more, maybe talk to a parent; you may need some professional help! (Nutritionist, gym membership etc!)

USAReverts Answered:
I'm a swimmer too. But don't worry about stuff like clothes and fat cuz it don't matter in the long run

mia Answered:
We all have metabolism. If you have high metabolism no matter what you eat it goes through your body faster. ( answer to skinny minis high metabolism) if you have low metabolism like me your food tends to go through your digestive system slower. Lots of exercise gets metabolism up and if you have low metabolsm even if u eat healthy you still gain the weight. More exercise and fitness works to. And ps: you have more quality then those girls I know it ;)

Hgfhg Answered:
read about it here
open the first and fifth orange link
there for detail info

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