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Will I lose fat if I only eat lean meat, fruit,and vegetables?

Rockerdoll Potts Asked: Will I lose fat if I only eat lean meat, fruit,and vegetables?

I'm still using condiments,(no ketchup or sugary ones) but like dressing,salt,.. but im wondering if i'll lose weight by cutting out everything thats not made in nature. So Ive been eating lean meat, like chicken , fish, and lean burger and turkey burger. Also egg whites, and fruits and trying to have a lot of vegetables. I love broccoli, and potatoes. Pickles are vegetables too, and I love those. Sometimes I eat natural nuts like almonds because theyre natural right? And a bunch of water every day. I havent weighed myself when I started the diet but I feel skinnier. Maybe it's just waterweight. I dont know, and could I add in brown rice ?Since its made in nature.. And what about milk? (Skim)Please give me a detailed answer I really appreciate it . Btw I weigh 130 at the moment, I use to weigh 125 last summer.Trying to get back down to atleast that, even more ? 120 would be GREAT.Wondering how long it will take? And this isnt unhealthy right because I get proteins, vegetable nutrients, and fruit antioxidants.


mez Answered:
You should

OWENA Answered:
read about it here
open the second and fifth brown link there
on right side for detail info

Ashley Answered:
Brown rice is fine and so is skim milk, so yes you can add.
The diet sounds very healthy, just keep it up.
If you added exercise you'll lose way more and much quicker.

Baileyy York Answered:
xD what bryan said. Just because were water sacks doesnt mean we pee it out. We only lose like 10% not even that. Sadly you gotta eat so dont make stupid decisions.

Black Rose Answered:
Umm.. 98%….?
Humans have approximately like 70%

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